Super Market

“Most of the times I go shopping and I have my dog with me, I am so stressed that I usually forget half the things I wanted to buy”

“I always try to keep eye contact with him cause I am afraid that someone might steal him. Who can go shopping in such stress”?

“I tried to attach his leash at a tree, while shopping, but the dangers of getting bitten or even bite a passer by exist”

With IQ BOX all these belong to the past.

Install IQ BOX :

  • At the parking
  • At sheltered or not space
  • Next to your store’s entrance
  • With user friendly and easy to follow instructions for your customers
  • In colors that match your brand logo

And re-assure:

  • Stress – less time for your customers in your store
  • Time to be exposed to your selling propositions in your premises
  • Security for your customer’s pet
  • Security for incoming customers as well as for passer buys
  • Competitive advantage for your business

OLYMPIC,  can conduct a study of your store facilities and suggest the best solution that will meet your needs.

Special offers up to 35 %

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