Technical Characteristics

  • Firm construction with high quality anodized aluminum
  • Totally secure and pet friendly
  • Escape proof door
  • Light construction easily transported
  • Easy first assembling
  • Minimum dispatch cost to any destination due to smart pack
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable against corrosion
  • Optionable installation of wire gauze in order to avoid insects’ bites and retain dog’s bristles.
  • Optional extra key locker for additional security
  • Optional installation of elastic flooring for ease in cleaning
  • Optional installation of ground holds.


IQ BOX comes in5 different sizes especially designed in order to be able to accommodate all the dog breeds.

Νο1 : 55cm X 34cm X 38cm (for dogs up to 10kg) >>>

No2 : 63cm X 45cm X 50cm (for dogs up to 18kg) >>>

No3 : 75cm X 48cm X 55cm (for dogs up to 25kg) >>>

No4 : 90cm X 53cm X 62cm (for dogs up to 35kg) >>>

No5 : 108cm X 73cm X 77cm (for dogs up to 70 kg or for 2 dogs 70kg ) >>>



In OLYMPIC we know that every dog is unique and as so, we could not but provide to your favorite pet an IQ BOX that suits both him and your personal space.

  • Choose accessories
  • Choose color
  • Write your dog’s name
  • Give an artistic touch by selecting a drawing of Antonis Dimitriou

and make YOUR unique IQ BOX.


Acknowledging the fact that dogs become more and more part of our daily life as well as the need to treat him as an equal member of our family, OLYMPIC,  studied, designed and created not only a unique means of transportation and stay for our lovely friends but an ergonomic, secure and absolutely usable solution for multiple usages (private & professional).

With more than 800 manhours of study and design from engineers, industrial designers, dog trainers and civil engineers of static studies and with the construction guarantee of METALLO Group, OLYMPIC  introduces IQ BOX.